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Welcome to Jefferson District Youth Football League (JDYFL). JDYFL was formed with a vision to provide an organizational structure for multiple areas to enable student athletes to benefit from participation in team sports and activities in a safe and structured environment. Through active participation, our programs teach fundamental values, skills, and knowledge that student athletes will use throughout their lives.

"Explores Division" Ages 5/6/7

"Founders Division" Ages 8/9

"Governors Division" Ages 10/11

"Presidents Division" Ages 12/13

JDYFL keeps children of the same age and social development together by placing children within approximately two years of each other on the field to learn, develop, and compete against one another. This has been determined to be the best way for a child to play and learn.  JDYFL is both an instructional and competitive league. The competition however, must be confined to the field of play, and done so in such a manner that the game and all of the participants are respected. JDYFL will not tolerate the lack of sportsmanship in any form from players, coaches, parents, or fans. This includes any behavior that would reflect negatively on the league on and off of the playing field. JDYFL does acknowledge that winning is a part of athletic competition; however, the way you win is as important as winning itself. JDYFL will not accept anything less than respect for self, the other players, coaches, fans, and most importantly - respect for the game.

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